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  • In the footsteps of Paul -- a ten day tour of Greece, the Greek Isles and Turkey. April 29, 2020 &emdash; May 8, 2020.
  • Pilgrimage to the National Shrine and Basilica of Our Lady of Lebanon;
    yearly, mid-August
  • 75th Anniversary of the First Divine Liturgy at the Cathedral
    The Cathedral is announcing the 75th Anniversary of the First Divine Liturgy in the Current Location on Sunday November 24, 2019. The celebration begins with the Divine Liturgy at 11:30am followed by a luncheon at the Dyker Beach Golf Course Catering Hall in Brooklyn, NY. There will also be a Commemorative Book in which pages may be purchased to honor beloved living and deceased members of the Cathedral Community. Meanwhile, those who have old pictures from the time the Cathedral was dedicated onward, please make sure to email them to us, so we can create a nice collage.
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Discover what every couple needs to know and every women has the right to know. Keep SPICE in your Marriage; learn that the gift of sexuality is multidimensional; and appreciate fertility rights.

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